James Howard Young (1975 – ) is an American multi-instrumentalist living in Denmark. He works as accompanist at The Royal Danish Theatre’s Ballet School in Odense where he accompanies daily lessons in classical ballet and modern dance on the piano, frame drum, bendir, and numerous recorders. He is also employed as organist at Årslev Church.

Originally trained as an orchestral clarinetist, James received his BM with honors from Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University in 1997. Further studies in Early Music at New England Conservatory led to a Master’s degree in 1999 in Historical Performance – Recorder. He was awarded that school’s Frank Huntington Beebe grant for study abroad, leading to a Musician – Performer Diploma from the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Southern Denmark. While studying in Denmark, James was the recipient of an American-Scandinavian Fellowship and a grant from the Bikuben Foundation for his work with interactive performance and improvisation. In addition to performing, James has worked with Danish to English translations for musicians, having done numerous concert programs, CD booklets, and websites. He has also spoken voice-overs for such notable clients as Lego and WorkInDenmark.dk.

James’ interests range from music of the early Renaissance to contemporary improvisation. He has performed on baritone saxophone with a dance band, clarinet with several orchestras, lounge piano for a prominent Copenhagen hotel, laptop, crumhorn, melodica, various percussion, wind controller, and slide whistle (among others).  He has composed, translated, arranged, printed, copied, and otherwise manipulated music for most of his life, with some of this represented in Projects.